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Server Guide Lines

Post by Mr.Freeze on Mon May 23, 2016 6:04 am

1) While building, put up a sign that says "Building" to let others know you are not roleplaying.
2) When a building sign is up, you cannot have any entities in your base.
3) Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign.
4) A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick.
5) Do not abuse the fading door tool. (Using the numpad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly)
6) You may not own more than one base at a time.
7) You may use a maximum of 5 fading doors per base.
8 ) You may not have a fading door with the sole purpose to protect a keypad or button.
9) Keypads must be connected to a working fading door.
10) Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. (With a 0 initial delay)
11) Keypads must be placed near the door they open in plain sight.
12) Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level. (You shouldn't have to duck or climb to reach the keypad)
13) Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own.
14) Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public.
15) Do not build on rooftops unless they are accessible via walking. (inaccessible rooftops)
16) Do not block off large parts of the map, or any place where NPCs or Dumpsters entities spawn.
17) Do not store entities on inaccessible rooftops or inaccessible areas in general.
18) Sky bases are not allowed.
19) Do not "RDM"(random death match)or kill someone for no reason
20) Do not hack or exploit
21) Do not mic spam
22) Do not break "NLR"(New Life Rule)
23) You may defend yourself when you are being attacked
24) do /advert before you raid,takeover,mug,kidnap,and completed hits etc.
25) Do not bully anybody
26) Don't harass or annoy other players.
27) Don't prop spam
28)  Don't create offensive or inappropriate text signs
29) Don't use an inappropriate RP name
30) Don't interfere with Staff sits
31) Scamming during vendor transactions or any roleplay transactions is not allowed whatsoever
32) Don't cause harm to the server
33) Don't threat or attempt to "DDOS"(Distributed Denial of Service) the server
34) Don't prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push,and trap
35) Don't advertise
36) Do not play inappropriate or disturbing things through your mic
37) Do not say any inappropriate remarks in chat
38) Don't curse at any staff members or players
39) Do not own a door to someone's base when they are building
40) If there are any glitches or bugs please report it to staff
41) Do not self supply with guns or any items
42) Citizens can not own any guns or own a place(they are default characters)
43) Don't abuse any ranks
44) As a hobo don't annoy anybody at all
45) as a Security Guard you have to be hired to protect someone or something
46) If you are doing a video on our server please advertise and tell staff that your going to record
47) And always have fun

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